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10 Blogs with the Best Romantic Advice

In a relationship? Looking to be in one? Whatever your status, you know that love can be tough. To make it less tough, you need advice. Luckily, the information age is awash in, well, information on dating and romance. There may in fact be too much. To help you find the right info, here are 12 blogs that can help you deal with affairs of the heart.

1. Evan Marc Katz

Evan Marc Katz’s blog offers advice about men and what they think about women. There you’ll find the Love U podcast to learn everything you need to know about dating, sex, and finding your true love. And it’s all told from a man’s point of view. If you’ve ever wanted deep insight into the inner workings of the male mind, check out this blog.

2. Baggage Reclaim

Natalie Lue is the blogger behind Baggage Reclaim. Like the name suggests, it helps you deal with the baggage that may stand in your way of finding true love. From there you can improve your relationships. Just bear in mind that it won’t be an easy road.

3. Science of Relationships

The love and relationships blog Science of Relationships is a humorous and clinically driven blog that helps you to better juggle relationships, thanks to the insights of several psychologists. You’ll learn how you may subconsciously sabotage your relationships without even realizing it. Read it for scientific information on how you can better improve your romantic life.

4. Cyber Dating Expert

The genius behind Cyber Dating Expert, Julie Spira helps you to navigate the murky world of online dating. She sheds light on all the ambiguous text messages you receive when dating online. And she explains the right approach to flirting and landing dates on such websites as OKCupid, Tinder, and


You might know John Gray from Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, his classic book on dating. His blog treats a wide variety of topics relating to relationships and dating, including advice on sex, finding your soulmate, and dealing with complaints in a relationship.

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6. Kathy the Coach

Renowned relationship coach Kathy Dawson offers some serious relationship advice in bite-sized blog posts, making it easy to digest. Kathy the Coach covers such topics as dealing with emotions and habits that might be detrimental to a relationship as well as dealing with parents and in-laws. One of her most popular blog posts deals with improving conversations with your partner.

7. Love in 90 Days

Dr. Diana Kirschner’s blog Love in 90 Days covers a wide variety of topics from a psychologist’s viewpoint. Examples include, “How to Date When You Want Kids Now,” “Is Fighting Ruining Your Relationship?,” and “Dating Dilemmas of Smart, Successful Women.”

8. Patti Knows

The star of Million Dollar Matchmaker, relationship expert Patti Stanger keeps Patti Knows, a blog filled with relationship wisdomon different relationship issues. She’ll show you what to do when you can’t devote enough time to a relationship. You’ll also learn how to communicate effectively in a relationship, and how to spice up your sex life.

9. And That’s Why You’re Single

And That’s Why You’re Single offers a wide variety of dating advice for whatever dating situation you find yourself in. On it you’ll find discussion of feminism and romance, self-assertiveness, dating over 40, and cohabitation. Whatever advice you need, you’ll find it here.

10. OKTrends

If you’ve tried dating online through OKCupid, you should definitely check out OKTrends, the OKCupid blog. Written from a humorous perspective, it offers unconventional romantic advice, weed-friendly date ideas, ways of connecting with a music lover, and plans for the perfect double date. Whatever your concern, OKTrends shed light on your online dating experiences.

Log on to lasting love

The Web is a great source of advice on dealing with real-life issues. Though no expert, regardless of her level of knowledge and wisdom, can know what you feel in your heart, they can give you the objective insight that can help you to guide those feelings to a happy and fulfulling resolution.


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