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10 Tips for Meeting People IRL

While it might seem like nowadays, the only way to meet people is through dating apps, don’t forget that you can still actually meet people in real life. Need some help? Here are ten tips for meeting potential partners IRL:

10 Tips for Meeting People IRL1. Expand your social circle

This is easier said than done. But, expanding your social circle increases your chances of meeting a prospective romantic partner. Channel the mindset of meeting new friends rather than searching for a significant other. You never know who new friends will introduce you to.

2. Try a new activity

Try a new activity either alone or with a friend. It’s essential to lead a fulfilling life full of hobbies and interests, which will attract potential mates. Consider signing up for a Zumba class, take singing lessons, or study a foreign language. This will give you something to speak about on a future date.

3. Evaluate your social situations

Assess your social situations to see what the likelihood is of you meeting someone single. For instance, if you’re straight and you surround yourself with members of the same sex, or you hang out with others in relationships, then try switching up your social situations.

4. Change up your routine

One way to meet people is to check out new places. This can be as simple as grabbing a coffee at a different coffee shop or going grocery shopping at a new store. Changing your routine can increase the chance of meeting new people.

5. Hang out at places where single people are

Go to where all the single people are if you want to meet new people. Fantastic locations include coffee shops, gyms, museums, and bookstores. To break the ice, ask people what they are reading, what they are drinking, or how their day is going.

6. Go to happy hour alone

Find your favorite local bar and swing by for happy hour on your way home. Don’t be afraid to initiate conversations with other singles at the bar. Try out a couple of different bars a week.

7. Make eye contact and smile

Look strangers directly in the eye and smile. Good places include on the street, at a coffee shop, on a bus, and at a bar. You’ll be amazed by the way people respond to you.

8. Sign up for a group activity

Sign up for a hiking group, book club, or just volunteer at your favorite local charity. If you see someone who piques your interest, don’t be afraid to go up to them and strike up a conversation.

9. Sign up for a singles event

Singles events might have a negative connotation, but you don’t have to speed date. There are tons of dating services that throw parties — you should check them out before knocking them.

10. Go where you can attract your type

Figure out what kind of person you imagine dating, and then hang out where they are likely to be. If you imagine dating an indie rocker, then start hanging out at record stores and going to more concerts. Or if you want to date someone with a good sense of humor, sign up for improv classes or go to a comedy show.

Swipe right in real life

If dating apps aren’t working for you, don’t be afraid to ditch them altogether. Try meeting people in real life instead. Expand your social circles, switch up your routine, and try out new events and activities. Don’t be afraid to make eye contact and initiate a conversation with people you’re interested in. You’ll be surprised by how many opportunities there are to actually meet people in person!

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