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12 Unmistakable Signs That He’s Cheating on You

More than any other single cause, cheating divides the most couples. If you find that the man in your life is unexpectedly different somehow, and that your relationship is slowly falling apart, he may be cheating on you. Jumping to conclusions may do more harm than good. But certain red flags are too suspicious to ignore. Here are twelve clues that the man in your life has become unfaithful.

1. A cheater’s history

A boyfriend who has admitted to cheating on past girlfriends will likely cheat on you. After all, once a cheater, always a cheater. You should rethink your relationship if your boyfriend has cheated before, because he clearly thinks it’s a fine thing to do.

2. Long bouts of Internet use

Most men cheat online nowadays through dating websites and hookup apps. A lot more time online, especially at night, may mean that he’s talking to other women. Check his browsing history for any sign of dating websites. You can also make a fake online dating profile on OKCupid and other dating platforms. That way, you can search for him there. He may have created a new email address, even as he continues using his main one. So, keep an eye out for this.

3. Emotional and physical distance

If you notice your dude becoming disconnected from you, then there’s something wrong. For instance, your boyfriend may not talk to you as much, or you notice he’s never around. There many not be any reason for this, too. If your boyfriend is withdrawing, then this might be a sign he’s found someone else on the side.

4. Physical evidence of cheating

You might come across physical evidence that points to cheating — a hairband in his car, say, or a shirt of his in the hamper that smells of perfume. Other physical evidence might be condoms, women’s underwear, or notes.

5. Suspicious texts on his phone

You don’t necessarily have to snoop around to find signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you; you could accidentally stumble upon weird texts on his phone that pop up, or notice that he’s texting more than usual. Your boyfriend could also be super private about his phone activities, and purposely not leave his phone around. Note of any suspicious behaviors involving his phone.

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6. A sudden uptick in time away

“Whether he’s going out ‘with friends’ or has something come up with family,” The Vixen Daily reports, “this could be a red flag that he’s really seeing someone else.” Frequent claims of having to work late is another suspicious sign, especially if the late nights at office come in spurts.

7. Becoming caught in a lie

The most obvious sign that your boyfriend might be cheating on you is if you catch him in a lie. It may involve what he’s been doing when you’re not around or his online activities. Of course, if you catch your boyfriend lying to you, you’ll lose trust and respect. And it’s a pretty sure bet he is stepping out on you.

8. A sinking sex life

You notice your sex life has declined significantly for no apparent reason. And when you come on to him, he responds with indifference or excuses for his unwillingness. Either way, it’s could well be that he’s cheating on you. He’s no longer interested in you sexually, and is probably getting his kicks with someone else.

9. Solo evenings out

Rather than inviting you to join him, he goes out without you and makes excuses as to why you’re not invited. You might notice that, while you used to spend your time together on the weekends, he’s now more interested in going out with his guy friends to hit up the bars. Moreover, if you notice your boyfriend is out of town more often, then this could be a sign he has a new girl in his life.

10. Mention of a new woman

If your boyfriend mentions a new woman he’s met, it could be a sign that he’s either wanting to hook up with her or already has. The Daily Mail warns that you should be alert to “enthusiasm for a colleague at work, a newly single female, or even a friend of yours.”

11. An altered work schedule

If your boyfriend works a nine to five job and in the past he’s never had to stay late or show up to work early, but all of a sudden he has to, then this is a potential sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you. If your boyfriend’s work schedule change becomes sporadic but consistent, chances are he’s with a new girl.

12. A hunch too strong to ignore

If your gut feeling tells you that something isn’t right with your relationship, then chances are your boyfriend might be cheating on you. If this happens, pay attention to your instincts,” Today advises. “Ignoring them means you want to blind yourself to the truth. You know your mate’s habits, routines and attitudes better than anybody, so be suspicious when these things change.”

Pattern recognition

Generally speaking, any deviation from the norm in terms of habits and activities can signal infidelity on your boyfriend’s part. For the most part, it seems that a general change in behaviour is the key thing to look out for,” the Independent reports, “especially when it comes to acting distant or suddenly losing interest in physical intimacy.” As you notice these signs, prepare yourself for rocky times with him. But know also that you’ll get through them.

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