BY: LBL Team

3 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine

So, Valentine’s Day is almost here. While it can be fun for some, Valentine’s Day also comes with a lot of pressure and anxiety. Most people tend to seek happiness and love outside of themselves when they should start from within. So, whether you’re solo, coupled, or in a complicated relationship, here are three ways to be your own Valentine this year:

Practice self-love all year long1. Self-reflect with empathy

The beginning of the new year can lead to a lot of self-criticisms. While self-reflection is a crucial component to self-love, it’s not beneficial if it just ends with criticizing yourself. Actively commit to understanding who you need to be to love yourself fully. If you find yourself stuck dwelling in what you’ve done wrong, remind yourself to practice self-love. Forgive all your past mistakes and move forward. This will help you to cultivate an open heart and prepare yourself for new experiences. You’ll find such joy in loving yourself, and you’ll find a partner who can also love you for your authentic self!

Flip the script2. Flip the script

Most of us flip into a negative self-dialogue regularly. But all that negative self-talk is only getting in the way of achieving your goals and happiness. Choose loving messages to help guide you toward achieving your dreams. Mantras can help you flip the script on negative thoughts. Powerful mantras are positive, in the first person, and in the present tense, such as, “I love and accept myself right now.” Reminding yourself of positive things using mantras will set a positive tone for the entire day.

Treat yourself3. Treat yourself

While romantic partners are great, remember that you are responsible for your own happiness. This means you should treat yourself — take yourself on a date, go hiking, or pencil in a spa day. Take the time to nurture the relationship you have with yourself — self-love brings confidence, success, and joy within you.

Practice self-love all year long

Practicing self-love is essential not just around Valentine’s Day, but every day. You can learn to love yourself more by changing your inner self-talk, forgiving your past mistakes, and treating yourself consistently. You’ll be a happier, more successful person!


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