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6 Shocking Beauty Treatments That Actually Work

The head-turning beauty treatments you need to know

When it comes to beauty, many women will do whatever it takes to look their best. This sometimes means trying unusual beauty treatment, even if it seems, well, a little gross. And all in a bid at maintaining a youthful look.

Even though these beauty treatments seem a little, shall we say, “unorthodox,” they aren’t necessarily dangerous or unsafe. Here are a few totally “gross” beauty treatments that actually work:

1. Snail Slime Facial

Snail mucus has been used since Ancient Greece to enhance beauty. It’s still used today as a facial treatment. Snail mucus actually contains hyaluronic acid and antioxidants, which boost collagen levels within the skin, leaving skin more youthful-looking. It’s also rich in proteins, copper peptides, and anti-microbials, which soothe inflammation, repair damaged tissue, and guard against free radicals. Snail facials involve placing snails on your face, allowing them to leave their mucus on you. The mucus is then massaged on your face. This treatment is popular in Asia, particularly Thailand and Japan.

Snail mucus is suitable for nearly every skin type — in fact, it can fade acne scars and dark spots as well as smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Bird Poop Facials

Believe it or not, bird poop facials have been used in the Eastern world since ancient times. Used as a beauty treatment in Japan, and made from powdered nightingale excrement mixed with rice bran, this unique facial is reported to keep your face super smooth and refined. The nightingale excrement is used to exfoliate skin, keeping it youthful-looking. What’s more, this interesting ingredient supposedly brightens and cleanses skin. Don’t worry, the bird poop facial is safe to use, given the droppings have been sterilized. You can find this facial in some of the trendier salons in NYC, among other places.

Alternatively, you can buy the powdered nightingale excrement online, and create your own facial mask  all you do is mix it with water and leave it on your face for ten minutes.

3. Microneedling

This treatment, involving the insertion of very fine short needles into the skin, is minimally-invasive and incredibly rejuvenating. The repeated puncturing of the skin creates microscopic wounds that in turn, trigger the body’s healing capabilities. This boosts collagen and brings fresh skin, plumped and glowing, to the surface. Results can be supercharged by applying serums after treatment or combined with PRP.

4. Thai Face Slapping Treatments

While it sounds unpleasant, this treatment reportedly helps to relax facial muscles and soften skin. It involves chopping motions along energy lines of the face that invigorate skin and increase blood flow. Most people notice results immediately after one treatment. What’s more, Thai face slapping shrinks pores and removes wrinkles by gently pinching and working the skin with light slaps.

5. Vampire Facelift

While this treatment might sound perfect for Halloween, it’s actually highly medical in that it involves taking concentrated plasma  which is rich in platelets  and injecting it into the face. This type of therapy is known as a regenerative therapy, and it uses clients’ own blood to repair damaged cells. More specifically, it improves the appearance of stretch marks, wrinkles, and scars. What’s more, it’s often used in place of fillers to plump and add volume in facial regions such as the cheeks.

During the procedure, blood is exacted from your arm. It is then spun through a machine to remove platelets. The plasma is then injected into the client’s face, which has rejuvenating properties. While they sound scary, vampire facials are considered to be safe and effective.

6. Dermaplaning

Razoring your face might sound crazy but this exfoliating treatment leaves you smooth as a baby’s bottom. This treatment involves disinfecting the skin and then taking skimming a razor at an angle along taut facial skin. Dermaplaning removes the top layer of dead skin cells, as well as peach fuzz, so makeup can sit beautifully on the skin. And contrary to what you may think, unlike leg hair, facial hair doesn’t grow back thick or stubbly.

Stickin’ with what you know

If you can’t stomach these unusual beauty treatments, you should check out these more conventional alternatives.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a more conventional beauty treatment that is used to restore a more youthful look to skin. More specifically, chemical peels use a chemical solution that is applied to the skin to make the top layers peel off. The new skin that emerges is typically less wrinkled and smoother than the old skin. Chemical peels vary in their intensity  you can undergo a light chemical peel once a week or a deeper chemical peel every few months, depending on your skincare needs.

Laser resurfacing

Similar to chemical peels in many ways, laser resurfacing helps to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles and skin blemishes. It uses pulsating beams of light to remove the top layers of skin. The resulting new skin is more blemish- and wrinkle-free. Clients typically undergo multiple laser resurfacing treatments spaced a few weeks apart.

Traditional Facial

A traditional facial involves multiple steps. It includes cleansing, exfoliation, and a nourishing treatment that results in a clearer complexion, helping your skin to stay younger-looking. Traditional facials also typically involve steaming and extractions  the steaming helps to soften both blackheads and whiteheads and the process of extraction involves removing blackheads and whiteheads. Traditional facials typically end with a facial massage followed by a facial mask that is suited to your skin type.

Binge on the cringe

Even though these beauty treatments seem gross, they aren’t necessarily dangerous or unsafe. Your rule of thumb should be that if it works and you like it, go with it.

For more information on professional treatments and to find out which may be right to help you achieve your aesthetic goals, contact LaserAway for a free consultation.


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