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9 Tips for Creating a Dating Site Profile That Gets Guys

The key to a successful dating profile is having accurate, alluring photos along with a well written profile. Once you have touched up your photos in a subtle, natural way using Photoshop, it’s all about creating the greatest profile ever and sending messages to candidates.

How to get swiped right in a hurry

1. Be accurate

You should erase any photos that are over two years old from your profile, and you definitely don’t want to lie about your weight, height, age, and lifestyle preferences. The more photos, the better. In fact, Business Insider recommends that you upload as many photos as a dating website permits.

Also, you should vary your poses in in the pictures you choose to upload.

2. Make your profile stand out

Rather than writing vague, generalized descriptions, you should be as specific as possible in terms of what you’re looking for in a potential mate. Discuss your favorite hobbies and interests in-depth, and consider telling an interesting story or two about yourself. “It’s your chance to be funny and quirky, whether it’s through emojis, riddles, or poems,” notes. The more authentic and in-depth you can be, the higher your chances are of finding someone you truly jibe with.

What’s more, you should list hobbies you enjoy that are more sociable. Highlight your love of any hobby or interest that involves other people or being out in public, such as concerts or sports.

3. Avoid clichés

Profile clichés such as romantic walks on the beach, drama-free relationships, and financial security are red flags to those browsing your profile. As Mashable notes, “it’s exhausting to scroll through the same misspelled clichés attached to the same distorted selfies.” Instead, think of interesting things that could be used as conversation starters.

Along the same lines, avoid emoticons in your messages to people, as it could send the wrong message. The only emoticon that has been scientifically proven to captivate others is a smiley face. In fact, those who send first messages along with a smiley face tend to get far more replies than those who don’t. Why? Because smiley faces are considered playful and inviting.

4. Update your profile regularly

“Make the effort to renew your profile on a regular basis with relevant information about yourself,” Marie Claire advises. An outdated profile can give the wrong impression of where you’re at in life. It’s important to update any major life events or changes, such as completing a degree, landing a new job, or going off to Europe for a few months traveling. A good rule of thumb is to review your profile every two to three months to see if any areas need updating.

Another helpful tip to updating your profile is to ask a trusted friend of the opposite gender to give you feedback, specifically if your profile truly reflects who you are as a person and if you seem dateable.

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5. Respond in a timely manner to messages

If someone who has caught your eye is writing to you, you’ll want to respond promptly. Why? Because they are probably writing to other people as well. What does in a timely manner mean? It means responding to messages within a day or two, but no more than three days. If you take too long to respond, then the other person will assume you’re not interested. If you reply too quickly, though, it might signal to the other person that you’re desperate.

Once you begin talking to a person you’re interested in, arrange a date as soon as possible so they don’t pass you up for another person. Be sure to keep your messages brief but interesting and friendly.

6. Proofread!

Autocorrect can certainly be your worst enemy. To avoid any embarrassing blunders, be sure to use spelling and grammar check for your profile and emails. If you know how to use correct spelling and grammar, you’ll truly stand out from the crowd. In fact, it’s astonishing how many people send out poorly written messages that are riddled with half-finished words and spelling mistakes.

Unless you want to look like a clown, avoid text speak at all costd. For example, don’t use “l8tr” in place of “later.”

7. Log on every day, no matter what

Even if you don’t have any new messages, by logging in daily you’re signaling to others that you’re an active member on that dating website. Plus many online dating websites will display your profile first in search results if you log in daily.

Better yet, keep your profile constantly logged in on your smart phone. That way, you’ll attract more viewers to your profile, which means more messages.

8. Use an upbeat tone

No one wants a Debbie Downer. Likewise, steer clear of sarcasm; it can be taken as rudeness. When in doubt about anything that you’ve written, don’t post it.

What’s more, you want to always be positive about yourself, which means highlighting your strengths and the things you’re most passionate about in life. When writing messages, the same thing goes: At first you’ll want to avoid any type of negative criticism, especially when discussing past relationships.

9. Avoid physical compliments when first contacting someone

They’re too cliché. “You can make a comment about their unusual name, their nationality, their university, just not what they look like,” GQ advises. “Save the genuine compliments for when you’ve actually secured a date.” The shortest initial messages tend to get the highest response rates.

If you really want to capture someone’s attention, then demonstrate that you’ve actually read their profile and can relate to them on some level. In your message, highlight similarities and always ask a few questions. For example, “I notice you love cooking Italian food as well. What’s your favorite dish to make? I love cooking fettuccine Alfredo.”

Some additional dating profile pro tips

  • Avoid posting any group photos; the extra folks makes it hard to identify you
  • Always include one photo of your body and one of your face
  • Use photos you’ve taken yourself, because research indicates that they are highly effective in attracting potential partners
  • Choose photos where you’re smiling and looking directly into the camera so you’ll seem approachable and friendly
  • Avoid posting pictures that are blurry or poorly lit
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