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Ask Dr. Kirby: Everything You Need To Know About Potenza RF Microneedling

Potenza™ RF Microneedling 101

As a natural part of aging, our bodies produce less collagen each year beginning at age 30, leading to fine lines and wrinkles. Luckily, there are many different aesthetic treatments that can help stimulate collagen production, the latest innovation being Potenza RF Microneedling, which combines the benefits of microneedling and radiofrequency to tighten, tone, and revitalize your skin.

Chief Medical Officer of LaserAway and celebrity dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby is here to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about Potenza RF Microneedling.

1. Who’s a good candidate?

The good news is that Potenza RF Microneedling is safe for all skin types. Dr. Will Kirby explains, “It’s great for anyone looking to prevent mild to moderate skin laxity, textural concerns, or pigmentary issues. And for patients that are happy with their skin, it’s a great way to maintain their complexion.”

2. What areas can it treat?

Potenza can be used on both the face and body. More specifically, upper face, mid-face, lower face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and abdomen.

3. What type of results can I expect?

According to Dr. Will Kirby, “Potenza RF Microneedling offers meaningful results with a series of treatments that tightens, tones, and revitalizes your skin.” In terms of skin tightening, this treatment stimulates collagen, which naturally decreases with age. And when it comes to improving tone, the microneedles used in Potenza RF Microneedling increase surface cell turnover. The result? Bright, smooth, and fresh skin.

4. What kind of downtime can I expect with the treatment?

There is a little downtime, but it is pretty minimal. Right after a Potenza RF Microneedling treatment, you might notice some redness and swelling in the treated area. “In some cases, this can go on for two or three days,” states Dr. Will Kirby. On day three, you should start to see some results, and those results should improve over the first month. Maximum results will be reached at six months.

5. How many treatment sessions do I need?

That depends on your specific skincare goals — most patients choose a package of three to six treatments spaced four to six weeks apart to achieve optimal results. “Some patients also choose to have Potenza RF Microneedling treatments as a part of their SkinFitness™ routine,” Dr. Will Kirby suggests.

6. How does the treatment work?

Potenza RF Microneedling rejuvenates the skin at multiple levels. “It works by using tiny needles to create micro-injuries in the skin that stimulate collagen production and delivers radiofrequency where it counts, resulting in a gorgeous complexion,” explains Dr. Will Kirby.

7. What is the actual treatment like?

Most patients find Potenza RF Microneedling to be a little uncomfortable but very tolerable. You are numbed for about 30 minutes beforehand, that numbing cream is removed, and then a clinician will deliver the treatment. Dr. Will Kirby reports, “After the treatment, you might be a little red, feel a little bit of heat, and have a little bit of swelling for about 24 hours.”

8. How do I incorporate this treatment into my existing SkinFitness™ routine?

This one is easy peasy — not only does Potenza RF Microneedling pair well with existing aesthetic treatments, but it also augments them. When you pair it with Clear + Brilliant, it helps smooth out texture and improve and correct hyperpigmentation. When Potenza RF Microneedling is paired with Thermage, you’ll achieve tighter, firmer skin, and you can even use it post-CoolSculpting to tighten the skin at the surface where the applicator was used. “And you can also use it after a neuromodulator, like Botox or Xeomin, or after a filler. Needless to say, it pairs well with many great treatments,” Dr. Will Kirby elaborates.

9. Why choose Potenza™?

For starters, Potenza is the safest of the radiofrequency devices because you can treat all skin types with monopolar and/or bipolar technology. Most radiofrequency devices don’t offer that — they’re only safe for skin types one, two, and three. Equally important is the fact that Potenza has four modes of energy to treat a greater range of depth and address multiple skin concerns at once. Potenza also has a motorized handpiece to deliver smooth needle insertion into the skin. “I have tested six different radiofrequency microneedling devices, and by far, the most opulent, elegant, and ergonomic is Potenza,” Dr. Will Kirby reports.

Try out Potenza™ RF Microneedling for yourself

The bottom line is that Potenza RF Microneedling can improve your skin significantly, especially if it’s done at a reputable aesthetic dermatological clinic, like LaserAway, where all treatments are performed by experienced and skilled registered nurses, nurse practitioners and physician associates, so you know you’re in good hands!

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