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Bumble vs. Tinder: Which App Is Better?

What Is The Best Dating App

With Tinder being one of the most popular dating apps around, it’s hard to compare it to any other dating app. But since Bumble hit the scene in 2014, Tinder may have finally met its match.

What’s Bumble? Created by one of the original co-founders of Tinder, Bumble is a revolutionary dating app that’s specifically geared toward women. While it has features similar to Tinder, what makes Bumble truly unique is that only women can initiate the first message, putting them in total control. The caveat, though, is that women must send the first message within 24 hours of being matched, or else the match will disappear for good.

Bumble vs Tinder

Bumble vs Tinder: A dating app comparison

Can’t decide whether Tinder or Bumble is better? Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the two dating apps:

  • Men-to-women ratio

On Tinder, men outnumber women 2-to-1. But on Bumble, both genders are equally represented.

  • Casual vs. serious relationships

Tinder is notorious for being the go-to hookup app. While some people are looking for more serious relationships, the vast majority simply want something casual. Bumble, on the other hand, tends to attract women and men looking for something more serious.

  • Types of men and women

Tinder tends to attract a broad spectrum of women, from models to the girl next door. Most women on Tinder are between the ages of 18 and 34. Bumble attracts women with established careers who are considered more to be “marriage material.”

In terms of men, Tinder attracts a broad range of men, such as young professionals, college students, and single dads all looking for casual flings, short-term dating, and even more serious relationships. Bumble, however, tends to attract more professional type men who are looking for serious relationships.

    • Cost

Both dating apps are free to use, but they do offer upgrades at a price. TinderPlus is $9.99/month for users under 30 and $19.99/month for users 31 or older. TinderGold is $21.99/month. BumbleBoost is $9.99/month.

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  • Upgrade features

Tinder’s upgrade features include unlimited right swipes, 4 extra Super Likes, and the ability to change your location. You are also able to see who “liked” your profile.

Bumble has three distinct upgrade features. BeeLine is a feature for men that limits your feed to women who have already liked you. This guarantees a match. Rematch allows you to reconnect with past matches for an extra 24 hours. Busybee gives you the power to extend the 24-hour match window.

  • Pros and cons

Tinder and Bumble each have their pros and cons. Because Tinder is the most popular dating app in the U.S., it has over 7 million active users per month. Thus, you’re exposed to a large dating pool. While Bumble has fewer users, 60% of all matches result in a conversation.

With Tinder, 76% of users live in large cities. So if you live in a small town, Tinder might not be the right app for you. Since Bumble has a smaller pool of dating applicants, finding the right person for you might take longer.

Which dating app is better? …it all depends

Which one is better

Deciding whether Tinder or Bumble is better really all comes down to your unique needs and preferences. If you’re in the market for a more serious relationship, then Bumble wins hands down. But if you’re looking for something more casual, then Tinder is your best bet. Similarly, if you’re a woman who doesn’t want to be bombarded with unwanted messages from guys, you should definitely go for Bumble. But, if you’re a guy on the receiving end, then Tinder might be your go-to dating app simply because it doesn’t place any constraints on you.

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