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BY: Khalid El Khatib

How to Choose a Laser Hair Removal Provider

What to look for in a laser hair removal provider

The end of summer doesn’t just mean the beginning of fall, it means the start of laser season. As we begin to spend less time in the sun, we can start to resume treatments such as Clear + Brilliant and laser hair removal in order to get ready for next spring and summer (they’ll be here before you know it!)

If you’re curious enough about laser hair removal to have Googled it at any point in your life, you’re likely seeing ads for laser hair removal providers and at-home devices in your Instagram ads (your phone is always listening). While the technology in at-home devices has become more sophisticated over time and the devices are less expensive than seeing a provider, your skin is precious – you only get one body, and laser hair removal is a medical procedure! We recommend seeking out a professional for laser hair removal, especially if the treatment area is highly visible or highly sensitive (so basically anywhere but your knuckles). Here are a few tips for how to go about selecting an appropriate provider.

1. Do your research

This one sounds obvious. But reject the temptation to walk to the nearest med spa or book the first place that pops into Google. Different clinics, med spas, and dermatology centers often have different specialties and capabilities and can be a unique fit for your case. For example, some centers will explicitly state that they treat many members of the LGBTQ community. And if you have an especially complex case or have had issues with lasers in the past, it may be prudent to seek out a dermatologist or nurse over an esthetician. Always check the qualifications of the employees at the center you’re considering, and it can’t hurt to read the reviews, either!

2. Understand the process

Just as it’s essential to check the qualifications of your potential provider, you should understand what devices and technology they will use to perform laser hair removal. There are many types of lasers on the market, and it’s important that whatever your provider is using is safe and state-of-the-art. You should also check with the provider to ensure that the equipment they use is suitable for your skin type and hair color. Note: Laser hair removal is not suitable for everyone as it doesn’t work on all hair colors, and some lasers don’t work on all skin types — and it all depends on the type of laser used!

3. Schedule a consultation

How do you know if laser hair removal is right for you? Schedule a consultation! Most providers will offer a consult that’s either free or can be applied to the cost of the treatment. If you weren’t able to learn about credentials and equipment online, you can do this during the consult. You can also ask questions about safety and address concerns around pain. For example, ask what cooling systems or technology they use in order to keep you comfortable. And, of course, ensure the facilities are clean and hygienic.

4. Check the cost

One of the components of the consultation will be a conversation about how many sessions you might need. Unfortunately, laser hair removal is never one-and-done — no matter what skin type or hair color you have. You will likely need several sessions spread over the course of a few months (another reason to start in the fall or winter). This is a good time to inquire about cost. Many laser hair removal providers will offer packages and discounts when you bundle multiple sessions together. Some providers even have rewards programs to incentivize you to leverage other skincare services at their facilities and/or have laser hair removal on multiple body parts. Ensure there are no hidden costs, and ask about payment plans if that’s something you might need.

5. Shop around

Now that you know you’ll need multiple laser hair removal sessions over time, you know that picking a provider is making a commitment. You should feel good about your choice. Ensure you’ve picked a reputable provider with reasonable pricing and —most importantly—that they feel right for you. A consultation isn’t a firm commitment, so if you get to that step and have hesitations, seek out someone else!

Bottom line: As more laser hair removal destinations open across the country, it’s crucial to make sure you choose the right one. Voted number one by CosmopolitanLaserAway is the nation’s leading aesthetic dermatological provider specializing in laser hair removal and other cosmetic treatments. Want to learn more? Reach out to them today for a free consultation!

Khalid El Khatib is a Brooklyn-based writer and marketer who tweets too much.

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