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Why Winter is the Perfect Season for Laser Skin Treatments

What is the best time to get laser treatments?

Given the cloudy, short days, and most people’s tendency to stay indoors during winter, this is an ideal time to get treatments like Clear + Brilliantlaser hair removal, and IPL photo facials. According to dermatologists, patients should avoid the sun before laser treatments to increase the effectiveness of treatments, decrease potential side effects caused by sun exposure, and reduce future sun damage.

How does exposure to the sun affect these skin procedures?

Because laser treatments involve the absorption of laser energy in the top layers and mid layers of the skin, it’s crucial that you avoid the sun before your treatment. What’s more, the new skin that forms in the treated area can be sensitive to sun exposure and should be protected to reduce potential side effects like hyperpigmentation.

Sun exposure can also decrease effectiveness for some laser treatments. With laser hair removal in particular, tanning before treatments may cause the laser to focus on unnecessary spots. Laser hair removal works best when all of the energy is absorbed by the hair follicles, not surrounding skin pigment.

How can you get the best results from your laser skin treatments? Starting at least two weeks before your treatment, be sure to avoid incidental or direct sun and tanning beds. After each treatment, you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible and always wear sunscreen daily on exposed areas.

Is there any other season suitable for laser skin treatments?

Yes. While getting laser treatments is safe year-round, most skin experts agree that fall, winter, and early spring are the best times to undergo laser treatments. How come? As mentioned above, there are fewer side effects caused by sun exposure during these months, including sunburns and hyperpigmentation. Many skin experts also recommend avoiding the sun after laser skin treatments to prevent additional sun damage from forming, especially since some skin treatments, like IPL photo facials and Clear + Brilliant, are used to reverse signs of sun damage. Lastly, depending on the type of laser treatment, you might be instructed to rest and avoid swimming in lakes or oceans for a few days afterward. Many people find relaxing and avoiding outdoor activities easier during the fall, winter, and early spring.

Want to learn more about laser treatments?

When it comes to achieving your aesthetic goals, many different laser treatments can help! Always go to a trusted and experienced aesthetic dermatology provider, such as LaserAway, where you can get a free comprehensive consultation from a treatment specialist.

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